Connecting Inquiry and Professional Learning in Education: International Perspectives and Practical Solutions

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1. Introduction, Anne Campbell and Susan Groundwater-Smith 2. Mapping the field of practitioner research, inquiry and professional learning in educational contexts: a review, Anne Campbell and Olwen McNamara 3. Research informed and research informing teacher education, Bob Lingard and Peter Renshaw 4. 'Insiders' and 'outsiders' researching together to create new understandings and to shape policy and practice - is it all possible? Pat Broadhead 5. Learning Across Boundaries: Developing Trans-professional Understanding through Practitioner Enquiry, Rob Hulme and David Cracknell 6. Postgraduate programmes as platforms: coming together and doing research for a common moral purpose, Petra Ponte 7. New Directions in Teacher Education, Kay Livingstone and Lynne Shiach 8. Academic induction for new teacher educators: forging authentic research identities through practitioner inquiry, Jean Murray 9. Teacher researchers in Scotland: what are their needs? Ian Menter and Moira Hulme 10. Making the Conditions for Learning: Praxis Inquiry and Assessment in Teacher Education, Anne Davies 11. Learning by Doing: A Year of Teacher Research, Alexandra Miletta 12. Networks of researching schools: lessons and questions from one study, Colleen McLaughlin 13. From Lesson Study to Learning Study: Side-by-Side Professional Learning in the Classroom, Nicole Mockler and Susan Groundwater-Smith 14. Learning Outside the Classroom: A Partnership with a difference, Susan Groundwater-Smith and Lynda Kelly 15. School leaders using inquiry and research, Philippa Cordingley and Kris Needham 16. Joining the dots - connecting inquiry and professional learning, Susan Groundwater-Smith and Anne Campbell
Drawing upon a range of practices from UK, USA, Canada, Continental Europe and Australia, this book addresses such questions as: what could practitioner inquiry look like in the initial education of teachers; does it go beyond problem based learning; and, what is the relationship between practitioner inquiry and pedagogical content knowledge.
Autor: Campbell Anne, Anne Campbell
Editiert von: Anne Campbell
Anne Campbell is Professor of Professional Learning in the Carnegie Faculty of Sport and Education at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. Susan Groundwater-Smith is an Honorary Professor of Education in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney, Australia, and leads the Coalition of Knowledge Building School.

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