Supporting Students with Dyslexia in Secondary Schools: Every Class Teacher's Guide to Removing Barriers and Raising Attainment

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1 Identification of dyslexia at the secondary school 2 Investigation and assessment of dyslexia at the secondary school 3 Classroom Management of Dyslexia 4 Framework of Support for Dyslexic Pupils at the Secondary School 5 Cross curricular Issues 6 Subject Teachers' Guides 7 Dyslexia and examinations 8 Developing independent study skills 9 Using ICT to support dyslexia 10 Supporting and working with parents of dyslexic students
A class teacher's guide to removing barriers and raising attainment.
Autor: Moira Thomson
Moira Thomson was formerly Principal Teacher of Support for Learning at Broughton High School, Edinburgh, and a Development Officer for the City of Edinburgh Department of Children and Families. She is currently an educational consultant, providing Continuing Professional Development for teachers and volunteers in an advisory capacity to local dyslexia organisations and parent groups.

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Autor: Moira Thomson
ISBN-13 :: 9780415478113
ISBN: 0415478111
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