Gated Communities in China: Class, Privilege and the Moral Politics of the Good Life

Routledge Pacific Rim Geograph
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1. Introduction: Gated Communities and the Lure of the Good Life 2. Making Middle-Class Spaces: Privilege, Territoriality and the Moral Geographies of Exclusion 3. Urban Reform, the New Middle-Class and the Emergence of Gated Communities in Shanghai 4. Imagineering Suburbia: Contested Representations of the Chinese Dream Home 5.Seeking Privacy and Seclusion: Private Property, Individualism and Neoliberal Subjectivities 6. Maintaining Order and Civility: Purified Spaces and the Paradox of Gated Living 7. Beyond the Gates: A Geographical-moral Critique 8. Conclusion
Interrogates the moral politics of urban place-making in China's commodity housing enclaves. Drawing on fieldwork and survey conducted in Shanghai, this book demonstrates how gated communities are bound up in the cultural reproduction of middle-class landscape that is entrenched in the politics of the good life.
Autor: Choon-Piew Pow
Pow Choon-Piew is Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at the National University of Singapore.

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Autor: Choon-Piew Pow
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