Improving the Context for Inclusion: Personalising Teacher Development Through Collaborative Action Research

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Part I: What is the Issue? 1. Inclusion is a challenge 2. Teachers are the solution Part II: What Does the Research Tell Us? 3. Action research for inclusion 4. What helps teachers? 5. What is the impact for pupils? 6. What makes effective facilitation? Part III: What are the Implications? 7. Conclusion: Improving the Context for Inclusion
Addresses the need for increasing multi-agency capacity in schools, as the success of initiatives such as 'Every Child Matters' or 'personalised learning' depends on teachers understanding the challenges faced by young people in learning effectively and happily in their school. This book is suitable for students of education.
Autor: Andy Howes, S. M. B. Davies, Sam Fox
Andy Howes is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Manchester. Sue Davies is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education Studies and Social Inclusion at Trinity College Carmarthen, University of Wales. Sam Fox is a Lecturer in Education at Edge Hill University.

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Autor: Andy Howes
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