Managing Teaching Assistants: A Guide for Headteachers, Managers and Teachers

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1. Introduction 2. What Teaching Assistants can do 3. The local circumstances - auditing the existing situation in a school 4. Maximising the potential of Teaching Assistants 5. Management systems and structures relating to Teaching Assistants 6. Employing Teaching Assistants: From recruitment to review 7. Teaching Assistants and teaching: Teachers as managers 8. Teaching Assistants' personal and professional development 9. Looking ahead
This is a practical guide to the role, management, and deployment of teaching assistants. It offers comprehensive and informed support, underpinned by illustrative case studies throughout. Information and practical guidance is given on:
Autor: Anne Watkinson
Dr Anne Watkinson is an ex-headteacher and LEA senior adviser who now works as an independent consultant on Teaching Assistant matters. She has also worked for both the DfEE and DfES

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Autor: Anne Watkinson
ISBN-13 :: 9780415269940
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