Karl Jaspers

11, Routledge Studies in Twentieth
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1. Karl Jaspers' Philosophy: The Basic Terms 2. Jaspers and Kant: The Ideas of Existence 3. Jaspers and Weber: Transcendent Responsibilities 4. Jaspers, Dilthey and Simmel: Experience and History 5. Jaspers and Heidegger: The Anthropologies of Existence 6. Theology or Anthropology? Jaspers, Religion and the Revealed Law 7. Republican Existence. Jaspers and Post-War Politics
This book sets out a new reading of the much-neglected philosophy of Karl Jaspers. By questioning the common perception of Jaspers either as a proponent of irrationalist cultural philosophy or as an early, peripheral disciple of Martin Heidegger, it re-establishes him as a central figure in modern European philosophy.
Giving particular consideration to his position in epistemological, metaphysical and political debate, the author argues that Jaspers's work deserves renewed consideration in a number of important discussions, particularly in hermeneutics, anthropological reflections on religion, the critique of idealism, and debates on the end of metaphysics.

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