Research Skills for Management Studies

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1. Research Skills and How to Acquire Them 2. What is Research? 3. Ways of Knowing 4. Problem Fields 5. Problem Identification 6. Research Ethics 7. Research Strategies: The Experiment and Survey 8. Research Strategies: The Case Study, Ethnography and Action Research 9. Data Construction by Asking Questions 10. Data Construction by Making Observations 11. Data Construction by Using Documents and Records 12. Data Analysis and Interpretation 13. Writing and Publication
The recent growth of interest in the systematic study of management has transformed a once neglected area of research into one that now attracts a huge number of postgraduate students. But despite this, there has been a distinct lack of research guides tailored specifically for management studies. "Research Skills for Management Studies" fills that void. Designed as a comprehensive introduction to the main phases of a research project, this textbook leads students from the very first stage of initiation right through to final publication. It considers the nature of research skills and the fundamental elements of the research process, while also exploring the institutional context in which management research is carried out. Tackling current debates and the philosophical and strategic issues at hand, "Research Skills for" "Management Studies" combines the key theories with the best practical advice to offer a completely rounded introduction to the topic. It includes guidance and specific reference to real management research projects, as well as case examples, activities and further reading lists. Essential reading for anyone undertaking or thinking of undertaking a management studies research project.

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