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1. Technological Change at Work in the Twenty-First Century 2. New Technologies and New Patterns of Institutional Relationships in the Global Economy 3. The Evolution and Development of National Technological Systems 4. Organizational Change: The Macro Context of Technological Development and its Impact on Work Organization and Job Design 5. The Impact of New Technology on Labour Markets: Employment and Unemployment 6. Manufacturing Management: The Integration of Technical and Organizational Systems 7. New Information-Communication Technologies and the Future Organization of Managerial and Professional Work 8. Technological Innovation and Clerical Work: Call-Centres and the Reorganization of Clerical and Administrative Employment 9. New Forms of Work Organization and the Technological Revolution: Distributed Work Arrangements and Telework 10. Accommodation and Conflict in the New High Technology Workplace: Management and Labour in the Organization of the Future
This contemporary study of new information and communications technologies, and their impact on the working world, provides an analysis of the forces impacting on the organization of work, and evaluates the strategies developed to utilize them in socially and economically beneficial ways. It considers in depth the influence of new technologies on the manufacturing sector, and addresses the challenges posed to organizational design as technology encourages increased flexibility at work. In addition, it skilfully reviews the changes that characterize the workplace and assesses the consequent challenges to industrial relations, training and employment policies. New Technology @ Work is an important and up-to-date analysis of technology in the workplace that takes an international approach to an innovative area of research.
Autor: Paul Boreham, Paul Thompson, Rachel Parker
Paul Boreham is Professor of Political Science and Director of the University of Queensland Social Research Centre. His research interests include employment and organization studies, comparative political economy and social inequality and he has published ten books and numerous articles and chapters on these topics. Rachel Parker is Professor of Management in the Faculty of Business at Queensland University of Technology. Her research interests include innovation, technology transfer and entrepreneurship. Paul Thompson is Professor of Organisational Analysis and Head of Department of Human Resource Management in the Business School at the University of Strathclyde. His research interests focus on skill and work organization, control and resistance, organizational restructuring and changing economies. Richard Hall is Associate Professor of Work and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney and is a Co-Director of the International Centre for Research in Organizational Discourse, Strategy and Change. His research interests concern work, employment, new technology and organizational change.

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Autor: Paul Boreham
ISBN-13 :: 9780415268967
ISBN: 0415268966
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.02.2008
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