Doing Research Projects in Marketing, Management and Consumer Research

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1. The Aims and Scope of this Book 2. The Research Project Process: Choosing the Topic 3. 'Writing up' the Research Project 4. Gathering Qualitative Data for Interpretation 5. Introducing the Interpretive Perspectives 6. Phenomenology/Existentialism 7. Ethnography 8. Critical Research and Critical Discourse Analysis 9. Semiotics 10. Literary Theory and Narrative Analysis: Feminism and Gender Studies: Postmodernism and Poststructuralism
As interpretive research perspectives become increasingly influential in many fields of social science research, so it becomes more important for experienced researchers to become familiar with the philosophical perspectives, data gathering techniques and analytical methods that derive form interpretive research.
Autor: Chris Hackley
Chris Hackley is Senior Lecturer of Marketing at Birmingham Business School, Birmingham University. He has published extensively on the subject of marketing and research.

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Autor: Chris Hackley
ISBN-13 :: 9780415268950
ISBN: 0415268958
Erscheinungsjahr: 22.05.2003
Verlag: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Gewicht: 352g
Seiten: 224
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 160x232x13 mm, 10 line figures, 5 tables
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