Capitalist Development and Economism in East Asia: The Rise of Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea

35, Routledge Studies in the Growt
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1. Economism and Development 2. The Expansion of the East Asian Economic Pie 3. Growth, Inequality and the Survival Cost 4. Economic Fertilizer and the Government 5. The External Dimension: a Necessary Condition 6. The Law of First Opportunity in Economic Growth 7. Economism and Political Regimes 8. The Asian Financial Crisis 9. Challenge to Economism: Hong Kong's Sovereignty Reversion 10. Asia is No Miracle
Taking a conceptual approach, this book studies the economic development of the four East Asian economies since 1950. The author summarizes and reconsiders many of the arguments and findings that supported and explained the economic 'miracles' of Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea, analysing the relationship between economic development, growth and political economy.

This pioneering book will stimulate further analysis of East Asian development. It will be of essential interest to scholars in East Asian economics, and all those interested in modern economic development.

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