Magic(al) Realism

The New Critical Idiom
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This invaluable handbook, provides clear definitions and distinctions between the terms and helps to navigate the complexities of magic, magical and marvellous realism within art and literary criticism.
Introduction 1. Origins of Magic(al) Realism 2. Delimiting the Terms 3. Locations of the Magic(al) Realism 4. Transgressive Variants of Magical Realism 5. Cross-cultural variants of Magical realism 6. Magic(al) Realism and Cultural Productions 7. The Future of Magic(al) Realism Glossary Bibliography Index
Bestselling novels by Angela Carter, Salman Rushdie, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and a multitude of others have enchanted us by blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Their genre of writing has been variously defined as 'magic', 'magical' or 'marvellous' realism and is quickly becoming a core area of literary studies. This guide offers a first step for those wishing to consider this area in greater depth, by: * exploring the many definitions and terms used in relation to the genre* tracing the origins of the movement in painting and fiction* offering an historical overview of the contexts for magic(al) realism* providing analysis of key works of magic(al) realist fiction, film and art.
This is an essential guide for those interested in or studying one of today's most popular genres.
Autor: Maggie A. Bowers
Maggie Ann Bowers teaches American and Canadian literature at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. She has published numerous articles on contemporary American and Canadian authors, and is the co-editor of Convergences and Interferences (2002).

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Autor: Maggie A. Bowers
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