Widening the European Union: Politics of Institutional Change and Reform

5, Routledge Advances in European
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Part 1: Introduction 1. Bernard Steunenberg Enlargement and Reform in the European Union 2. Keith Dowding Rational Choice and Institutional Change: an Overview of Current Theories Part 2: Constitutional Aspects of Enlargement 3. Dennis C. Mueller Constitutional Issues Regarding European Union Expansion 4. Hans-Jorg Schmidt-Trenz and Dieter Schmidtchen Enlargement of the European Union: Determining the Boundaries of an Optimal Legal Area 5. Thomas Konig and Thomas Brauninger The Politics of Institutional Change: Diverging Goals for Reforming the European Legislature 6. Bernard Steunenberg An Even Wider Union: the Effects of Enlargement on EU Decision-Making Part 3: Reforming European Union Decision-Making 7. Jan-Erik Lane and Reinert Maeland Enlargement and the Council of Ministers 8. Lars P. Feld, Gebhard Kirchgassner and Hannelore Weck-Hannemann Enlargement and the European Budget: Budgetary Decision-Making and Fiscal Constraints 9. Jordi Bacaria, Georgios E. Chortareas and Andreas P. Kyriacou Enlargement and the European Central Bank Part 4: Dynamics of Widening 10. Gerald Schneider A Never-Ending Success Story? The Dynamics of Widening and Deepening European Integration 11. Josep Colomer How Political Parties, Rather Than Member States, Are Building the European Union 12. Friedrich Schneider A Federal European Constitution for an Enlarged European Union: Insights from Constitutional Economics Part 5: Conclusion 13. Bernard Steunenberg and Antoaneta Dimitrova Changing Times: the Future of Enlargement of the European Union and the Theoretical Challenges Ahead
The proposed enlargement of the European Union to include countries from Central and Eastern Europe has become an important political issue. Widening the European Union focuses on those institutional reforms of the Union that may be necessary to make the enlargement possible. The institutional structure, originally designed for the Union of just six states, might not be suitable for a EU of twenty-seven or more member states. An overview of current rational choice theories of institutional change is provided before the volume focuses on several aspects of institutional reforms in the Union. Widening the European Union contains contributions from a distinguished team of European academics. This book is a valuable resource to students of the European Union with an interest in its politics and policy, enlargement and institutional reform.
Autor: Robert Barrass, B. Steunenberg
Editiert von: Bernard Steunenberg
Bernard Steunenberg is Professor of Public Administration at Leiden University, the Netherlands. His research interests include the extent to which political institutions play a role in the initiation, adoption and implementation of public policy, particularly in the context of the European Union and the Netherlands.

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