Preconcentration Techniques for Natural and Treated Waters: High Sensitivity Determination of Organic and Organometallic Compounds, Cations and Anions

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1. Key to Location in Book of Determinands of Interest. 2. Discussion of Theory of Preconcentration. 3. Discussion of Particular Preconcentration Techniques. 4. Improvements in Detection Limits Achieved by Preconcentration. 5. Preconcentration of Cations. 6. Preconcentration of Anions. 7. Preconcentration of Organic Compounds. 8. Preconcentration of Organometallic Compounds. 9. Sensitivity Improvement and World Analysis Requirements for Sensitivity.
Equipment used for the analysis of water is frequently insufficiently sensitive to be able to detect low concentrations of organic and inorganic substances present in samples. Applying preconcentration to the sample prior to analysis means the results gained are more accurate and can be used to report trends more effectively.Each chapter of "Preconcentration Techniques for Natural and Treated Waters discusses a different method of preconcentration and its application to cations, anions, organic substances, and organometallic compounds. Drawing together the recent world literature available on the subject, this book provides detailed discussion of the need for reducing detection limits in analytical chemistry and ways of achieving this aim. Throughout the book, emphasis is laid on providing practical experimental detail, facilitating further development of procedures.This book will be an invaluable reference for biologists, chemists, agriculturalists, toxicologists, oceanographers, and environmentalists dealing with the analysis of water in industry and academia.

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