Special Educational Needs and the Internet: Issues for the Inclusive Classroom

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Making the internet special. Part I Gathering and publishing information: making the web special; developing the school website as a tool for learning; the British Museum COMPASS website and learners with specialist needs; inclusion and the Web - strategies for improving access. Part II Communicating with others: making communication special; Spike the Bear and an online special school; literacy and communication through ICT and the internet for deaf children; swanseekers - using stories to develop online environmental education. Part III Policy and management issues: making broadband special; a passion for excellence; supporting SEN teachers - management and policy issues; developing an LEA website to support the inclusion process; inclusion through ICT - the wider view; moving forward.
Although 5-10% of pupils have a special educational need of some kind, little attention has been paid to how the internet can support the education of this significant section of the school population. This book looks closely and critically at current thinking on the role the internet plays in the multi-faceted areas of SEN, drawing on the experience of various major names in the field. It contains practical guidance on the underlying pedagogy of harnessing technology this way, its limitations and how these technologies can assist in meeting the aim of educational inclusion for all.
Editiert von: Chris Abbott
Dr Chris Abbott teaches at King's College, University of London and is one of the most prominent names in the field of ICT and SEN. He also writes regularly for the Online section of the TES.

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