Union Organizing: Campaigning for Trade Union Recognition

Routledge Studies in Employmen
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Foreword, Sheldon Friedman Chapter 1. Introduction, Gregor Gall Chapter 2. Organising the Unorganised: Union Recruitment Strategies in American Transnationals, c. 1945-1977, Bill Knox and Alan McKinlay Chapter 3. Organising in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry in Britain, c. 1972-1990: A Long Flame Burning or a Spark that has Gone Out?, Gregor Gall Chapter 4. Trade Union Recruitment Policy in Britain: Form and Ethics, Edmund Heery, Melanie Simms, Rick Delbridge, John Salmon and Dave Simpson Chapter 5. Employer Opposition to Union Recognition, Gregor Gall Chapter 6. Union Organising in a Not-for-Profit Organisation, Melanie Simms Chapter 7. Organising in Electronics: Recruitment, Recognition and Representation - Shadow Shop Stewards in Scotland's 'Silicon Glen', Patricia Findlay and Alan McKinlay Chapter 8. Organising in Transport and Travel: Learning Lessons from TSSA's Seacat Campaign, Jane Wills Chapter 9. Call Centre Organising in Adversity: From Excell to Vertex, Phil Taylor and Peter Bain Chapter 10. Comparisons and Prospects: Industrial Relations and Trade Unions in North America and Britain, Brian Towers Chapter 11. Union Organising in the United States, Jack Fiorito Chapter 12. Union Recognition in Germany: A Dual System of Industrial Relations with Two Recognition Problems, Otto Jacobi Chapter 13. Conclusion: Drawing up a Balance Sheet, Gregor Gall
After many years of indifferent decline, trade union membership is now being revitalized; strategies known as a ~union organizinga (TM) are being used to recruit and re-energize unions around the globe. This book considers exactly how trade unions are working to do this and provides a much-needed evaluation of these rebuilding strategies.

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