Ethics and the Built Environment

Professional Ethics
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Introduction: Ethics and the Built Environment Warwick Fox List of Contributors Part 1: The Green Imperative - and its Vicissitudes 1. Greening Urban society Herbert Girardet 2. Building Ethics into the Built Environment John Whitelegg 3. Green Building: Establishing Principles Tom Woolley 4. Building, Global Warming and Ethics Terry Williamson and Antony Radford 5. Contested Constructions: The Competing Logics of Green Buildings and Ethics Simon Guy and Graham Farmer Part 2: Building with Greater Sensitivity to People(s) and Places 6. Social Inclusion and the Sustainable City Roger Talbot and Gian Carlo Magnoli 7. Transformative Architecture: A Synthesis of Ecological and Participatory Design Bob Fowles 8. Ethics and Vernacular Architecture Paul Oliver 9. Ethical Building in the Everyday A Multi-layer Approach to Building and Place Design Christopher Day 10. Can 'Spirit of Place' be a Guide to Ethical Building? Isis Brook Part 3: Steps Toward a Theory (or Theories) of the Ethics of the Built Environment 11. The Conceptual Basis of Building Ethics Mustafa Pultar 12. How to Think about the Ethics of Architecture Saul Fisher 13. The Taj Mahal and the Spider's Web Keekok Lee 14. Ethical Arguments About the Aesthetics of Architecture Nigel Taylor 15. Towards an Ethics (or at Least a Value Theory) of the Built Environment Warwick Fox Conclusion: Towards an Agenda for the Ethics of the Built Environment Warwick Fox
Much has been written in recent years on environmental ethics relating to the more general 'natural' environment but little specifically written about ethics of the built environment. Ethics and the Built Environment responds to this need and offers a debate on the ethical dimension of building in all its forms from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and approaches.
This book should be of interest to architects, students of building and building design, environmentalists, politicians and general readers with an interest in ethics.
Editiert von: Warwick Fox
Warwick Fox is senior lecturer in philosophy at the University of Central Lancashire. He is the author of Toward a Transpersonal Ecology, 1995.

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