Global Capitalism at Bay

Routledge Studies in World Bus
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Introduction and Overview Part I. Global Capitalism at Bay? 1. Whither global capitalism? 2. The Christian response to global capitalism Part II. Theoretical Perspectives 3. The eclectic paradigm as an envelope for economic and business theories of global business activity 4. Location and the MNE: a neglected factor 5. A generalized theory of foreign direct and foreign portfolio investment Part III. Regions and Globalization 6. Regions, globalization and the knowledge based economy 7. The changing geography of foreign direct investment 8. Globalization and recent developments in Asia 9. European integration and MNE activity 10. Re-energising the Trans-Atlantic connection Part IV. National Governments and Global Capitalism 11. Globalization: the challenge for national economic regimes
In this collection of his latest essays, John H. Dunning - renowned authority in international business - elaborates his theories on the current situation of foreign direct investment and multinational enterprises. Global Capitalism at Bay considers the unique characteristics of contemporary capitalism, and what must be done if it is to survive and prosper in the twenty first century.

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Autor: Professor John H. Dunning
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ISBN: 0415238633
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