Feedback for Learning

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1.Gifts, Ping-Pong and Loops - Linking Feedback and Learning Part One: Feedback for Young People's Learning 2.Teacher Feedback Strategies in Primary Classrooms - New Evidence Bet McCallum and Eleanore Hargreaves 3.Getting it Right - Distance Marking as Accessible Feedback in the Primary Classroom Shirley Clarke 4.Dialogue, Discussion and Feedback - Views of Secondary School Students on How Others Help Their Learning Eileen Carnell Part Two: Feedback for Teachers' Learning 5.Feedback Between Teachers Chris Watkins 6.Student Views on Careers Education and Guidance - What Sort of Feedback to Careers Co-ordinators? Jacqui MacDonald 7. Learning from Research Felicity Wikeley 8.Communications Between School and Home - Correlation, Consultation or Conversation for Learning? Susan Askew Part Three: Feedback for Organisational Learning 9.Promoting Organisational Learning in Schools: The Role of Feedback Louise Stoll and Jane Reed 10.Value Added Feedback for the Purpose of School Self-Evaluation Sally Thomas, Rebecca Smees and Karen Elliot 11.Using Your Initiative - Feedback to an LEA on a School Improvement Initiative Brenda Taggart and Pam Sammons
Teachers may be surrounded by feedback and involved in it every day, but the notion is poorly analysed and poorly used. Feedback for Learning provides an important collection of contributions to the highly topical theme of feedback to support learning.The book spans three major areas which affect all teachers: *young people's learning*teachers' learning *organisational learning.The authors critically examine the assumption that feedback necessarily has positive learning outcomes and describe models and practices which are more likely to result in effective learning at the individual, group and organisational level.

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