Managing Your Learning

Routledge Study Guide
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Part A: Basics 1. Course 2. Induction 3. Resources 4. Managing 5. Teaching 6. Learning Part B: Influences 7. Modelling 8. Support 9. Interaction 10. Environment 11. Context 12. Belief 13. Motivation Part C: Processes 14. Foundations 15. Orientation 16. Input 17. Understanding 18. Enquiry 19. Tasks 20. Feedback Part D: Outcomes 21. Criteria 22. Assessment 23. Reward 24. Meta-learning
This book is about analysing, understanding and managing the way you learn. Whether you are working towards a formal qualification, are undertaking work-related training or are learning informally by yourself, Managing Your Learning will help you to assess and build on your strengths, and identify and improve your weaknesses.You can use this book by yourself or in an organised group or class. There are 25 sections, each containing: *a diagnostic questionnaire on a specific aspect of learning*key points to explore*suggestions for further actionEach chapter has sections for you to make notes about your own situation, and there is advice on computers, presentations and other study skills. By the end of the book, you will have developed an individual learning profile and worked out a personal action plan.

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