New Transnational Social Spaces

1, Transnationalism
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Part I. Introduction 1. The approach of transnational social spaces: responding to new configurations of the social and the spatial Ludger Pries Part II. International Migration and Transnational Social Spaces 2. Comparing local level Swedish and Mexican transnational life: an essay in historical retrieval Robert Smith 3. Dissagregating transnational social spaces: gender, place and citizenship in Mexico - US transnational spaces Luin Goldring 4. Transnational families: institutions of transnational social space Fernando Herrera 5. Shifting spaces - complex identities in Turkish-German migration Jeffrey Jurgens Part III. International Companies and Transnational Social Spaces 6. Pluri-local social spaces by tele-cooperation in international companies Ralf Reichwald and Kathrin Moslein 7. Pluri-local social spaces in international companies Hermann Kotthoff 8. The transnationalization of companies and their industrial relations Jurgen Kadtler and Hans-Joachim Sperling 9. Co-ordination and control in transnational business and non-profit organizations Jorg Flecker and Ruth Simsa Part IV. The Future of Trnasnational Social Spaces 10. Cracked casings: towards an analytics for studying transnational processes Saskia Sassen
Recent terms such as globalisation, virtual reality, and cyberspace indicate that the traditional notion of the geographic and the social space is changing. New Transnational Social Spaces illustrates the contemporary relationship between the social and the spatial which has emerged with new communication and transportation technologies, alongside the massive transnational movement of people.

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Autor: Ludger Pries
ISBN-13 :: 9780415237369
ISBN: 041523736X
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.03.2001
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