Uncertain Europe: Building a New European Security Order?

15, Routledge Advances in Internat
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Part 1: Key Concepts: Order, Security and Identity 1. What Security? What Order? Clive Archer 2. What Does it mean to be 'European'? The Problems of Constructing a Pan-European Identity Robert Bideleux Part 2: The Institutions 3. The OSCE: Crowning Jewel ofr Talking Shop? Andrew Cottey 4. NATO: 'West is Best'? Martin A. Smith 5. The EU: Coming of Age as a Security Actor? Martin A. Smith and Graham Timmins 6. The WEU: Eliminating the Middleman Wyn Rees Part 3: National and Regional Perspectives 7. The United States: Strategic Vision or Tactical Posturing? James Sperling 8. France: Willing the Means to the End? R. E. Utley 9. The United Kingdom: Between a Rock and a Soft Place? Stuart Gordon 10. Germany: A new Vision of Order? Graham Timmins 11. Russia: Caging the Bear? Laura Richards Cleary 12. The Baltic States: Bridge or Barrier to the East? Jackie Gower 13. Poland: 'For Your Security and Ours' Paul Latawski 14. South East Europe: Collision of Norms and Identity? Paul Latawski Part 4: Uncertain Europe? 15. Whose Europe? Whose Security? Martin A. Smith and Graham Timmins
This timely book considers the topical issue of the enlargement processes of the European Union and NATO. The contributors examine issues including: the dual enlargement process and German and Russian relationships with it; NATO and the pan-European security agenda; East European reactions to enlargement; and concepts of security in the new Europe. This book provides a cohesive overview of the pan-European security debate and is an essential resource for students and academics interested in the development of the European Union.

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