Virtual Globalization: Virtual Spaces/Tourist Spaces

1, Routledge Advances in Sociolog
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Introduction A) Urban Space as Cyberspace; 1. Spaces in Conflict: Postmodern Urbanism and the Production of Online Space Mark Nunes, De Kalb College, Atlanta; 2. 'Better than (Real) Life': Cyberspace as Urban Space Gordan Fletcher, Griffith University, Brisbane; 3. The Space of Telework. Physical and Virtual Configurations for Remote Work Nicole Morelli, RMIT University, Melbourne; 4. Shocked and Re-wired: Internet Users and New York Subjectives Tizziana Terranova, University of East London; 5. Actual and Virtual Technological Surveillance: The Implosion of Public and Private Space in Contemporary Los Angeles Andy Wallis King Alfred's University College; 6. Telecommunications and the Future of Cities: Debunking the myths Stephen Graham, University of Newcastle upon Tyne B) Tourist Geography as Virtual Reality; 7. Monocultures of Globalization David Holmes, Griffith University, Brisbane; 8. Tourism, Virtuality and the Theme Park Michael Ostwald, University of Newcastle, Australia; 9. Architectures of Entertainment Brian Morris, Melbourne University; 10. Playing Games with Sydney: Marketing Sydney for the 2000 Olympics Gordon Waitt, School of Geosciences, University of Wollongong; 11. Resort Curtilages: the Creation of Physical and Psychological Tourism Spaces Peter Spearrit, Monash University and Brian King, VUT University; 12. Authentification, commoditization, and the Politics of the Colonial City Gregory Teal, University of Western Sydney
This book examines the interrelationship between telecommunications and tourism in shaping the nature of space, place and the urban at the end of the twentieth century. They discuss how these agents are instrumental in the production of homogenous world-spaces, and how these, in turn, presuppose new kinds of political and cultural identity. This work will be of essential interest to scholars and students in the fields of sociology, geography, cultural studies and media studies.

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