Housing Development: Theory, Process and Practice

Housing, Planning, and Design
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Part 1: Introduction 1. Aims, Scope and Structure of the Book Part 2: The Political Economy of Housing Development 2. Historical, Demographic and Spatial Perspectives 3. Housing Need, Housing Demand and Housing Supply 4. The Private House-Building Industry in Great Britain 5. Affordable Housing and the Role of Government Part 3: Steps in the Housing Development Process 6. Planning and Land Acquisition 7. Site Appraisal and Residential Estate Layout 8. Dwelling Construction and Design 9. Finance, Procurement and Marketing of Housing Part 4: Contemporary Practice in Housing Development 10. Sustainable Development and Urban Capacity Solutions 11. Refurbishment and Conversion for Residential Use 12. Housing Development in Europe and Overseas 13. Innovation and Emerging Trends in Housing Production Part 5: Conclusions and Appendices 14. Reflections and Future Challenges
Brings together information on housing production, housing provision and the housing environment, highlighting the theoretical and policy contexts in which housing development takes place as an integrated process.
Editiert von: Andrew Golland, Ron Blake
Andrew Golland is Senior Research Fellow and Ron Blake is Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Residential Development, at Nottingham Trent University.

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