The Subject in Question: Sartre's Critique of Husserl in the Transcendence of the Ego

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Husserl and the Transcendental Ego 1. The Transcendental Ego and the Epoche 2. The 'Discovery' of the Transcendental Ego 3. Directedness 4. Indubitability 5. By no means whatever something mysterious or mystical 6. Numerical Identity Over Time 7. Necessity 8. Transcendency within Immanency The I and the Me Summary The Theory of the Formal Presence of the I 1. Sartre on Kant's 'I think' Doctrine 2. Is Kant's 'I think' Doctrine True? 3. Is Kant's 'I think' Doctrine Purely Formal? 4. Hypostatisation 5. Subjectivity and Synthesis 6. The Unity of Conciousness 7. Sartre's Holism 8. Consciousness Makes Itself 9. Individuality 10. Pre-Reflective Consciousness 11. Conciousness Without the I 12. Consciousness With the I 13. Sartre's Cogito 14. Sartre's Retentions 15. Positional Consciousness 16. The Me 17. The Phenomenology of the I 18. The Ego and the Epoche 19. Consciousness and the I 20. Why the I is not the Source of Consciousness 21. Sartre's Conclusions on 'the I and the Me' The Theory of the Material Presence of the Me Summary 1. Sartre's Criticisms of La Rochefoucauld 2. The Autonomy of Unreflected Consciousness 3. The Constitution of the Ego 4. Consciousness and the Ego 5. The Constitution of Actions 6. The Ego as the Pole of Actions, States and Qualities 7. The Ego-World Analogy 8. Sartre and the Evil Genius 9. The Certainty of the Cogito 10. Poetic Production 11. Interiority 12. The Structure of the Interiority of the Ego 13. Self-Knowledge 14. The Ego as Ideal 15. The Ego and Reflection 16. The I and Consciousness in the Ego Conclusions 1. A Correct Transcendental Phenomenology 2. The Refutation of Solipsism 3. A Non-Idealist Phenomenology Which Provides a Foundation for Ethics and Politics 4. Subject-Object Dualism 5. Absolute Interiority: Towards a Phenomenology of the Soul
The Subject in Question provides a fascinating insight into a debate between two of the twentieth century's most famous philosophers - Jean-Paul Sartre and Edmund Husserl - over the key notions of conscious experience and the self. Sartre's The Transcendence of the Ego, published in 1937, is a major text in the phenomenological tradition and sets the course for much of his later work. The Subject in Question is the first full-length study of this famous work and its influence on twentieth-century philosophy. It also investigates the relationship between Sartre's ideas and the earlier work of Descartes and Kant.
Autor: Stephen Priest
Stephen Priest lectures in the Faculties of Philosophy and Theology in the University of Oxford. He is a fellow of Blackfriars Hall, Oxford and a member of Wolfson College, Oxford. Stephen Priest is the author of The British Empiricists, Theories of the Mind, Merleau-Ponty and The Subject in Question. He is the editor of Hegel's Critique of Kant and Jean-Paul Sartre: Basic Writings and co-editor (with Anthony Flew) of A Dictionary of Philosophy.

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Autor: Stephen Priest
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