Research and Knowledge at Work: Prospectives, Case-Studies and Innovative Strategies

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Foreword Kenneth Gergen. 1 Legitimising knowledge at work John Garrick and Carl Rhodes Section I Knowledge, Research and the Practice of Work 2 Working Knowledge Ronald Barnett . 3 Research on work, research at work: postmodern perspectives Richard Edwards and Robin Usher. 4 The crisis of scientific research Christine Ewan and Dennis Calvert Section II Whose Knowledge? Collaboration and Research In and Around Work 5 Globalizing the intelligent organisation: learning organisations, smart workers, (not so) clever countries and the sociological imagination Stewart Clegg. 6 Knowledge and control in Japanese workplaces Keiko Morita. 7 Organisational knowledge, professional practice and the professional doctorate Alison Lee, Bill Green and Marie Brennan. 8 Research and engagement with trade unions: bridging the solitudes Carla Lipsig-Mumm'e. 9 The negoitiated management of meanings: research for policy John McIntyre and Rosie Wickert. 10 Research Partnerships at work: new identities for new times Hermine Scheeres and Nicky Solomon Section III Changing Practices of Research at Work 11 The construction of 'working knowledge' and (mis)interpretive research John Garrick 12 'Doing' knowledge at work: Dialogue, monologue and power in organizational learning Carl Rhodes. 13 An adventure in 'postmodern' action research: Performativity, professionalism and power Jill Sanguinetti. 14 Virtual research inperformative times Robin Usher and Richard Edwards Section IV Conclusions 15 Inside the knowledge works: Reviewing the terrain Carl Rhodes and John Garrick Index
Leading experts from North America, Japan, Britain and Australia illustrate both practice and theory issues, making this a valuable resource for all those concerned with continuing professional development.

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Autor: John Garrick
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