Tourism in the Age of Globalisation

10, Routledge Advances in Tourism
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The Age of Globalisation 1. Tourism, globalisation and the competitive advantage of nations Salah Wahab and Chris Cooper 2. Territorial economic integration and globalisation C. Michael Hall 3. No state, no tourism: the need for government and inter-governmental organisations in the new age of tourism Eduardo Fayos Sola and Aurora Pedro Bueno The Globalisation of Tourism Demand and Marketing 4. The tourism phenomenon - the new tourist and consumer Dimitrios Buhalis 5. The effects of globalisation on tourism promotion A.V. Seaton and Phillip Alford 6. Globalisation of tourism demand, global distribution systems and marketing Norbert Vanhove Globalisation and Competitiveness in Tourism 7. Organisation of tourism at the destination John Swarbrooke 8. Achieving global competitiveness in SMEs by building trust in inter-firm allainces Frank Go and J. Appleman 9. Education for tourism in a global economy Tom Baum 10. Globalisation, safety and national security Gui Sanatana 11. Globalisation, total quality management and service in tourism destination organisations Darren Lee Ross and Nick Johns Globalisation of Tourism's Approach to Sustainability 12. Environmental policies and management systems related to the global tourism industry Don Hawkins and Christopher Holtz 13. Cultural identity and cultural diversity in a global world Peter Burns 14. Issues of sustainable development in a developing country context William Gartner Conclusion 15. Tourism in the age of globalisation Chris Cooper and Salah Wahab
The revolutionary progress achieved in information and communication technology is gradually transforming the world into a global village. This volume, edited by an eminent board of international specialists, evaluates the nature and resilience of the emerging global economy and its implications for tourism.

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