Third Sector Policy at the Crossroads: An International Non-Profit Analysis

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1. Introduction: third sector policy at the crossroads: continuity and change in the world of nonprofit organizations Helmut K. Anheier, Lisa Carlson and Jeremy Kendall 2. The nonprofit sector at a crossroads: the case of America Lester M. Salamon3. Putting narrow-mindedness out of countenance: the UK voluntary sector in the new millennium Nicholas Deakin4. Decentering America's nonprofit sector: reflections on Salamon's crisis analysis Jennifer Wolch 5. What crises, what challenges? When nonprofitness makes no difference Paul Dekker 6. The role of philanthropic foundations: lessons from America's experience with private foundations Julian Wolpert and Elizabeth T. Boris 7. Corporate philanthropy's future Dwight F. Burlingame8. On the role of Philanthropic foundations: lessons from America's experience with private foundations Diana Leat9. Corporatism revisited: the legacy of history and the German nonprofit sector Annette Zimmer10. The third sector and the European Union policy process: an initial evaluation Jeremy Kendall and Helmut K. Anheier 11. The distortion between institutionalized and noninstitutionalized NPOs: new policy initiatives and nonprofit organizations in Japan Masayuki Deguchi12. The American third sector at the end of the twentieth century: public and private revisited Eleanor L. Brilliant 13. NGOs and their vulnerabilities during the time of transition: the case of Poland Joanna Regulska 14. Different eastern European countries at different crossroads Eva Kuti 15. Civil organizations in Mexico: recent evolutions and current prospects Jose Luis Mendez16. Beyond the crossroads: policy issues for the Philippine nonprofit sector Ledivina V. Carino17. South Africa: anti-apartheid NGOs in transition Adam Habib and Rupert Taylor 18. Conclusion: the third sector at the crossroads? Social, political and economic dynamics Helmut K. Anheier and Jeremy Kendall
This book explores key policy issues for the non-profit sector against a background of increasing competition, new public management and ever decreasing budgets. Key questions raised include: Is the nonprofit sector in crisis? What policy models are being discussed, and what are their implications? How can nonprofit organisations negotiate a course between commercialization and tighter government regulation?

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