Economist with a Public Purpose: Essays in Honour of John Kenneth Galbraith

Routledge Frontiers of Politic
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1. John Kenneth Galbraith: economist with a purpose Michael Keaney 2. The useful economist James Ronald Stanfield 3. The making of a heterodox economist: the impact of Henry S. Dennison on on the economic thought of John Kenneth Galbraith Kyle Bruce 4. Social capital and political economy: Galbraith on states and groups David A. Reisman 5. The role of the state in the good society Michael Keaney 6. From Veblen to Galbraith: what is the essence of institutional economics? Geoffrey M. Hodgson 7. The virtues of their defects and the defects of their virtues: reflections on John Kenneth Gilbraith and Thorstein Veblen Douglas F. Dowd 8. The economist and business David R.F. Simpson 9. Galbraith, uncertainty and the modern corporation Stephen P. Dunn 10. Progress denied: the unravelling of the 'New Industrial State' William M. Dugger 11. Galbraith, globalism and the good life: making the best of the capitalist predicament David Donald and Alan Hutton 12. The new deal and 'domesticated Keynesianism' in America Roger J. Sandilands 13. Adam Smith on the mercantile system: the unnecessary loss of America? Andrew S. Skinner
Galbraith's arguments are discussed by a group of economists in regards to current controversies and problems. Topics covered range from globalization and the role of the state to redistributive economic policies. The result is a collection that pays tribute to one of the most prominent, and yet still contemporarily relevant, economists of the twentieth century.

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