Journalism and Democracy

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1. Journalism and Democracy: the debate 2. The Political Public Sphere: an anatomy 3. Policy, Process, Performance and Sleaze; an evaluation of the political news agenda 4. The Interpretative Moment: the journalism of commentary and analysis 5. The Interrogative Moment: the British political interview 6. The Sound of the Crowd; access and the political media 7. 'Spin, whores, spin!'; the demonisation of political public relations 8. The Media and Politics, 1992-97 9. Political Journalism and the Crisis of Mass Representation
"Journalism and Democracy" explores and challenges the commonly held view that the "dumbing down" of the public sphere, the "tabloidization" of news, and the proliferation of "infotainment" and "spin" are adversely affecting the quality of political journalism and of democracy itself. Combining textual analysis and extensive in-depth interviews with political journalists, editors, presenters and documentary makers, Brian McNair offers a more optimistic evaluation of the contemporary public sphere. He argues that the quantity of political information in mass circulation has expanded hugely in the late twentieth century, and that it has become steadily more rigorous and effective in its criticism of elites, more accessible to the public, and more thorough in its coverage of the political process.
Autor: Brian McNair
Brian McNair is Reader in the Department of Film and Media Studies at Stirling University and a member of the Stirling Media Research Institute. He is the author of News and Journalism in the UK (3rd edition, 1999), An Introduction to Political Communication (2nd edition, 1999) and The Sociology of Journalism (1998).

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Autor: Brian McNair
ISBN-13 :: 9780415212793
ISBN: 0415212790
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