Reading McDowell: On Mind and World

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Part 1 Philosophy after Kant Part 2 Epistemology Part 3 Philosophy of Mind Part 4 Towards Ethics Part 5 Responses
John McDowell's "Mind and World" is widely acknowledged to be one of the most important contributions to philosophy in recent years. In this volume leading philosophers examine the nature and extent of McDowell's achievement in "Mind and World" and related writings. The chapters, most of which were specially commissioned for this volume, are divided into five parts. The essays in part one consider "Mind and World"'s location in the modern philosophical tradition, particularly its relation to Kant's critical project. Parts two and three cover issues in epistemology and philosophy of mind, while in part four the focus turns to problems of rationality, realism and ethics. In the final part of the book McDowell responds to the contributors and further elaborates his own views. Together, the essays provide an indispensable resource for understanding McDowell's work and they offer a timely snapshot of the state of play in contemporary philosophy. "Reading McDowell" is an important and critical contribution to the debates in analytic philosophy and will be a valuable resource for all those interested in "Mind and World," philosophy of mind, and epistemology.

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Autor: Nicholas H. Smith
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