Shakespeare and Modernity: Early Modern to Millennium

Accents on Shakespeare
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Contributors Preface Acknowledgements Introduction 1. (Post) modern Elizabeth: Gender, Politics, and the Emergence of Modern Subjectivity 2. Ante-Aesthetics: Towards a Theory of Early Modern Audience Response 3. Shakespeare, Modernity and the Aesthetic: Art, Truth and Judgement in The Winters Tale 4. Measure for Measure and Modernity: The Problem of the Sceptic's Authority 5. 'Jew. Shylock is my name': Speech-prefixes in The Merchant of Venice as symptoms of the early modern 6. The Merchant of Venice: 'Modern' Anti-Semitism and the Veil of Allegory 7. Jewish Invader and the Soul of State: The Merchant of Venice and Science Fiction Movies 8. Shakespeare and the End of History: Period as Brand Name 9. The Hamlet Formerly Known as Prince Works Cited Index
Shakespeare has variously been seen as the last great exponent of pre-modern Western culture, a crucial inaugurator of modernity, and a prophet of postmodernity.

This exciting collection of essays traces the changing reception of Shakespeare over the past four hundred years. Along the way it provides fascinating insights into:

* the nature of individuality, identity, and the self

* the inter-relations of the rise of capitalism, nation-states, and secular culture

* the sexual division of labor and gender identity

* the beginnings of Western colonialism, racism, and anti-Semitism.

This fresh look at Shakespeare's plays is an important contribution to the revival of the idea of 'modernity' and how we periodise ourselves, and Shakespeare, at the beginning of a new millennium.
Editiert von: Hugh Grady
Hugh Grady is Professor of English at Beaver College, Pennsylvania, USA. He is the author of The Modernist Shakespeare (1991) and Shakespeare's Universal Wolf (1996).

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