Getting It Right for Boys ... and Girls

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Boys' underachievement is grabbing headlines in the education debate, and it has never been more important to solve the problem. This book offers clear and practical strategies to headteachers, classroom teachers and other professionals for ways to address the issue. The book looks at: *reasons for boys' underachievement*ways of adapting teaching styles to maximise learning gains for boys ... and girls*guidance on how to plan successful pyramid, whole-school and classroom approaches*practical strategies for subject leaders and teachers*examples of successful case studiesAfter introductory chapters examining whole-school issues and strategies there are further subject-specific chapters that advise on particular teaching approaches.
Autor: Colin Noble
Editiert von: Wendy Bradford, Colin Noble
Colin Noble is a PSE Advisor and Raising Boys Achievement Manager in Kirklees Local Education Authority and has been responsible for publishing a range of packs, videos, leaflets and posters on the subject of raising boys achievement. Wendy Bradford is a Deputy Headteacher at a large and successful mixed secondary school with a wealth of classroom experience behind her.

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Autor: Colin Noble
ISBN-13 :: 9780415208840
ISBN: 041520884X
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.01.2000
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