The Economics of Professional Team Sports

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1: Introduction; Section A: The Market, Industry and Firm Professional Team Sports; 2: The Market Structure of Professional Sports Leagues: General Themes; 3: The Market Struture of Professional Sport Leagues: The Firm in Professional Team Sports; 4: Cross-Subsidisation in Professional Team Sports Leagues; Section B: The Demand for Professional Team Sports; 5: The Demand for Professional Team Sports: Theoretical and Empirical Issues; 6: The Demand for Professional Team Sports: Traditional findings and new Developments; 7: The Demand for Professional Team Sports and the Uncertainty of Outcome Hypothesis: Theoretical and Empirical Issues; 8: Broadcast Demand and the Impact of Television on Professional Team Sports; Section C: The Labour Market in Professional Team Sports; 9: The Traditional view of Sports Labour Markets: Theory and Evidence; 10: Recent Developments in Sporting Labour Markets: Theory and Evidence; 11: Conclusions
This book is unique in that it offers the first truly rigorous application of economic principles to its subject. The authors analyse:* the economic literature on sporting leagues* the demand for professional team sports* the players' labour market.Amongst the topics discussed are the US system of franchising and draft picks and the chances of their being adopted elsewhere, the implications of player strikes, the onset of pay-per-view and digital television, and the relatively new notion that sport is a business like any other.

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Autor: Paul Downward
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