Engaging China

Politics in Asia (Paperback)
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Preface. Managing the Rise of Great Powers: History and Theory Randall L. Schweller Ohio State University. Managing the Rise of China Robert S. Ross Boston College. Terms of Engagement: Taiwan's Mainland Policy Steven M. Goldstein Smith College. Containment, Engagement or Counter-Dominance?: Malaysia's Response to the Rise of Chinese Power Amitav Acharya York University. Singapore: A Time for Economic and Political Engagement Yeun Foong Khong Nuffield College, Oxford. Managing Chinese Power: The View from Japan Michael Jonathan Green Council on Foreign Relations, Washington. Engaging China Victor D. Cha Georgetown University. Indonesia's Encounters with China and the Dilemma's of Engagement Michael Leifer London School of Economics. China's Engagement with Multilateral Security Institutions Alastair Iain Johnston and Paul Evans The Major Multilateral Economic Institutions Engage China Margaret M. Pearson University of Maryland. China
Engaging China is one of the first books to look at the responses of major international powers to the recent economic growth of China. Anyone interested in the financial fortunes of the Asia-Pacific region cannot afford to ignore the rise of China as an economic power since the 1970s. Economic growth coupled with increased military capability and spreading nationalism have gradually enhanced Chinas international profile. In an interesting mix of the empirical and theoretical, case studies from United States, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia illustrate Chinas developing position in the Asia-Pacific.

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Autor: Alastair Iain Johnston
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