Environment and Business

Routledge Introductions to Env
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Business and environment; the changing relationships through time; environmental business perspectives - assets, costs and externalities; environmental business necessities - the pressures which cannot be ignored; environmental business opportunities - business becomes proactive; primary industries - using resources directly; secondary industries - adding value and carrying the burden; tertiary industries - the hidden environmental issues; enviromental business; business and environment - the future for the relationships.
This text examines how businesses and the environment interact. It is ideal for students with no previous knowledge of business studies. It examines in depth the ways in which business, industry, the physical environment, environmentalism and social change have evolved alongside each other. The authors use boxed case-studies to highlight how business practice and the environment interact at levels from local to global, with examples from multinational companies, government bodies, national charities and local enterprise. The book also contains a large number of informative diagrams. The case studies include: * Shell Oil's environmental policy* railways and the industrial revolution* the British National Trust's business enterprises* Sainsbury's approach to organic foods* Australia's landcare scheme* changing trends in retailing* Brent Spar * big game hunting and conservation.

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