The German Historical School: The Historical and Ethical Approach to Economics

40, Routledge Studies in the Histo
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Introduction Uichi Shionoya 1. Rational Reconstruction of the German Historical School: an Overview Yuichi Shionoya 2. Adam Muller's "Agronomische Briefe" Tetsushi Harada 3. A Lecture Notebook of Wilhelm Roscher with Special Reference to his Published Works Yukihiro Ikeda 4. Karl Knies's Conception of Political Economy: the Logical Status of Analogie and Sitte Jun Kobayashi 5. Lujo Brentano on the Compulsory Insurance System for Workers in Germany Sachio Kaku 6. Anonymous History in Austrian Economic Thought: from Carl Menger and Anton Menger to Friedrich Von Wiesner Kiichiro Yagi 7. Gustav Von Schmoller and Werner Sombart: a Contrast in the Historico-Ethical Method and Social Policy Shin'ichi Tamura 8. Max Weber and the Critical Succession of the German Historical School Kazuhiko Sumiya 9. Joseph Schumpeter on the Relationship Between Economics and Sociology from the Perspective of Doctrinal History Yuichi Shionoya 10. Lujo Brentano, Alfred Marshal, and Tokuzo Fukuda: the Reception and Transformation of the German Historical School in Japan Tamotsu Nishizawa 11. The Impact of German Ecomomic Thought on Japanese Economists Before World War II Osamu Yanagisawa 12. Walter Eucken and Wilhelm Ropke: a Reappraisal of Economic Thought and the Policy of Ordoliberalism Naoshi Yamawaki 13. The Economic Reconstruction Plan of Alfred Muller-Armack: What is the Social Market Economy? Makoto Tezuka
With the increasing acceptance of evolutionary and institutional thinking among economists, general interest in the German Historical School has risen steadily during the last decade. This book traces the development and transformation of the School, covering its leading figures such as Adam Muller, Wilhelm Roscher, Karl Knies and Lujo Brentano.
Editiert von: Yuichi Shionoya
Yuichi Shionoya is President of The National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, Tokyo and Professor Emeritus, Hitosubashi University.

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