Challenging Democracy: International Perspectives on Gender and Citizenship

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Introduction: Feminist Perspectives on Democracy and Education Part 1: Contemporary Feminist Frameworks on the Nature of Citizenship 1. Feminism and Democracy Sheila Rowbotham 2.Is Citizenship Gendered? Sylvia Walby 3. Women, Citizenship and Difference Nira Yuval Davis 4. Citizenship, Identity and Social justice; the intersection of feminism and post-colonial academic discourses Ann Brooks 5. Gendered Citizenry: new feminist perspectives on education and citizenship Madeleine Arnot Part 2: The Construction of the Gendered Citizen 6. Citizens, Stakeholders and Life-Long Learning: gendered discourses of promise and exclusion Melanie Samson and Elaine Unterhalter 7. State and Customary Laws: contradictions for feminism in post-apartheid South Africa Penny Enslin 8. Democracy Exposed: the gendered regulation of teachers' political identities in Britain Jo-Anne Dillabough 9. From "Pupil" to "Citizen": a gendered route Janet Holland, Elina Lahelma and Tuhla Gordon Part 3: Private Identities and Public Identifications 10. Public and Private Citizens; student teachers' perspectives on contemporary gender relations in the UK Gabrielle Ivinson and Madeleine Arnot 11. Mothering and Citizenship: educational conflicts in Portugal Helena Araujo 12. The Dialectic of "Desire" and "Threat" in the Schooling of Girls for Citizenship Victoria Foster 13. Citizenship, Values and Education: the voicecs of young women in Argentina Gloria Bonder 14. Gender, Identity and the Racialised "Other": children's representations of the First Nations people in Canada Jo-Anne Dillabough Part 4: Educating for Civic Activism 15. Feminist Critiques of Democracy: implications for citizenship education Kiki Deliyanni 16. Representations of Gender in Education for Citizenship Sheila Miles 17. Social Studies and Feminism Nell Noddings 18. Democratic Schools, Gender and Equality: an international perspective Lynn Davies 19. Sexuality and Citizenship: a schooling agenda Sue Lees 20. On-line Warriors for Civilisation: gender citizenship and postmodernity Jane Kenway
This collection establishes a highly topical, new, international field of study: that of gender, education and citizenship. It brings together for the first time important cutting-edge research on the contribution of the educational system to the formation of male and female citizens. It shows how gender relations operate behind apparently neutral concepts of liberal democratic citizenship and citizenship education.The editors asked leading international educationalists to describe the theoretical frameworks and methodologies they used to research gender and citizenship.Challenging Democracy suggests ways in which the educational system could help develop genuinely inclusive democratic societies in which men and women play an equal role in shaping the meaning of citizenship.

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