Essays in Syntactic Theory

Routledge Leading Linguists
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1. A note on functional determination and strong crossover 2. Quantifier-pro and the LF Representation of PROarb 3. The local binding condition and LF chains 4. Adjunction and pronominal variable binding 5. Quantification in null operator constructions 6. Differentiation and reduction in syntactic theory: a case study 7. Derivational constraints on A-chain formation 8. Overt scope marking and covert verb-second 9. Un-principled syntax and the derivation of syntactic relations
The essays in this important collection explore wide-ranging aspects of the syntax and semantics of human languages. Key topics covered include movement phenomena and the syntax of logical form, methods in generative linguistics and the role of rules vs. principles in syntactic theory. This volume makes a vital contribution to substantive and methodological debates in linguistic theory.

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