Valuing Technology: Organisations, Culture and Change

Management of Technology and I
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Introduction. Valuing Technology. Technology acquisition and consumption. Drivers of change: organisational and technological imperatives. Organisational Cultures and Identities. Administering organisational space: standardisation and malleability. Mediating change: corporate and workplace culture. Rationalising knowledge: professional identity and the construction of need. Gendered organisation, gendered technology. Finding Certainty. Making it useable: Constructions of usability. Securing stability, constructing value. Conclusions.
"Valuing Technology"opens up new directions in the analysis of socio-technical change within organizations. Based on a major study of the introduction of management information systems in health, higher education and retailing, it explores the active role of end-users in the innovation process.

Subjects covered include:

* the valuing of technology via the on-going construction of needs, uses and utilities

* the interplay of organizational and technological cultures

* occupational identities, organizational inequalities and technological change

* the gendering of technological and organizational change

* interpretative flexibility and the 'stabilization' of technological systems.

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