Transnational Classes and International Relations

1, RIPE Series in Global Politica
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Commodification, socialization and capital; commodification and community; concepts of socialization; the discipline of capital; capital accumulation and class formation; the historical topography of class society; capital as discipline and class structures; fractions of capital and concepts of control; the Lockean heartland in the international political economy; the Lockean state/society complex; contender states and the Hobbesian counterpoint; structural aspects of world politics; transnational class formation and historical hegemonies; freemasonry as imagined community; class planning in the era of high finance; hegemonic integration of the State classes; cadres and the classless society; the class of socialization; historical instances of cadre class formation; deregulation and the dilemmas of global governance.
An exciting and original analysis of the development of capitalist classes, such as the Freemasons, that cross national boundaries in the global political economy. This innovative book focuses on:* an historical perspective on class formation under capitalism and its transnational integration* international relations between the English-speaking centre of capital and successive contender states. The author develops a broad-ranging and thorough understanding of class in the process of globalization. He does so within several theoretical frameworks shedding much light on this important topic.

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Autor: Kees Van Der Pijl
ISBN-13 :: 9780415192019
ISBN: 0415192013
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