Reframing the Early Childhood Curriculum: Educational Imperatives for the Future

Futures and Education Series
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1. Children's Rights and Adult's Responsibilities: Reinterpreting Educational Ethics 2. Four and Five Year Old Children's Understanding of Time and Future 3. Futures Studies: A Catalyst for Social and Educational Change 4. Futures Studies and Education 5. Futures Studies and Early Childhood Education 6. Applying Futures Concerns to the Early Childhood Curriculum 7. Applying Futures Values to the Early Childhood Curriculum 8. Early Childhood Professionals as Agents of Change
This book offers fresh insights to teaching by examining futurists' and childhood theorists' thinking of the relevance of planning for children's long term needs in early childhood and identifies the skills and attitudes required to assist young children in learning.
Autor: Jane Page
Jane Page is a lecturer in early childhood studies at the Department of Learning and Educational Development in the Faculty of Education at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

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Autor: Jane Page
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