Hudson Law of Finance

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Section 1: Principles of the Law of Finance; Part I: An Ordering of the Law of Finance; 1. The Components of the Law of Finance; 2. The Legal Nature of Money and Financial Instruments; 3. The Relationship between Substantive Law and Financial Regulation; Part II: Substantive Legal Concepts in the Law of Finance; 4. Fundamental Legal Concepts: Contract, Property and Wrongs; 5. Fiduciary Duties; 6. Conflict of Laws; Part III: Financial Services Regulation; 7. EU Financial Regulation; 8. UK Financial Regulation (1): The Financial Services Authority; 9. UK Financial Regulation (2): Specifics of UK Financial Regulation; 10. Conduct of Business; 11. Financial Promotion; 12. Market Abuse; Part IV: Criminal Law; 13. Criminal Offences in the Law of Finance; 14. Insider Dealing; 15. Money Laundering; 16. Fraud in the Criminal Law; Part V: Contract; 17. Formation of Contracts; 18. Validity of Contracts; 19. Master Agreements and Common Contractual Terms and Conditions; 20. Termination of Contracts; Part VI: Property;
Alastair Hudson s The Law of Finance brings together, for the first time, in a single volume, the whole of international finance, as understood in English law. The volume is divided into two halves with section one considering the principles of the law of finance and section two considering the full range of modern financial techniques in their legal context. By explaining key concepts and practical issues, examining core principles and analysing the key areas of financial practice and the effects of the global meltdown, Professor Hudson provides an unparalleled work of breadth of scope and wealth of detail.

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ISBN-13 :: 9780414027640
ISBN: 0414027647
Erscheinungsjahr: 21.08.2013
Verlag: Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
Gewicht: 1808g
Seiten: 1608
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2 ed
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 157x234x60 mm
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