Law of International Trade

Cross-Border Commercial Transactions
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Introduction and Context; International Sales of Goods; Terms under the Sale of Goods Act 1979; Remedies in International Sales; Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods; Bills of Lading; Carriage of Goods by Sea - the common law; Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1971; Carriage of Goods by Air, Road and Rail; Marine Insurance for Cargo; Payment and Finance for International Trade; Civil and Commercial Jurisdiction; Choice of Law for Contractual and Non-Contractual Obligations; Recognising and Enforcing Foreign Awards; Alternative Dispute Resolution
Law of International Trade is now a well-established textbook on this complicated and fast moving area of law. This book offers the reader a comprehensive and solid explanation of law and practice with an analysis of the theoretical and doctrinal issues, thus, making it an ideal textbook for students on both academic and professional courses. It is also an invaluable resource for practitioners and those engaged in international commercial operations, such as shipping, trade finance, cargo insurance, cross border litigation, international sales, etc.

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