Uncut Confetti

A Loose Collection of Celebratory Pieces
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Including work - from the funny to the sad, the personal to the philosophical -, this volume has an autobiographical strand, and some reflections on John's father. It also includes animal-related poems, and drawings accompanied by a photograph or two. This book is of promise for everyone.
Autor: John Hegley
John Hegley lives in Islington, the London borough of his birth, with his daughter and her mum. If he is not there he is usually performing to packed-out houses on stages up and down the country (and abroad), or appearing on a wide range of tv and radio programmes. His books include The Family Pack, Beyond Our Kennel, Five Sugars Please, Can I Come Down Now Dad?, Love Cuts, Dog and, most recently, The Sound of Paint Drying.

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Autor: John Hegley
ISBN-13 :: 9780413775702
ISBN: 0413775704
Erscheinungsjahr: 20.04.2006
Verlag: Methuen Publishing Ltd
Gewicht: 112g
Seiten: 128
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 197x129x7 mm, 2pp photos
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