The Impact of Species Changes in African Lakes

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Contributors. Series Foreword. Preface. General Introduction. Species change and fisheries in African Lakes: outline of the issues. Part One:- introduced Nile perch in Lake Victoria: Impacts on biodiversity and evaluation of the fishery: Impact of environmental change, species introductions and ecological interactions on the fish stocks of Lake Victoria. Limnological changes in Lake Victoria since the Nile perch introduction. Impact of fish species introductions on the tilapias of Lake Victoria and Kyoga. Diversity and stability of fish stocks in Lake Victoria, Kyoga and Nabugabo after establishment of introduced species. Dynamics of the haplochromine cichlid fauna and other ecological changes in the Mwanza Gulf of Lake Victoria. An analysis of species change in Lake Victoria: did the Nile perch act alone?. Analysis of species change in Lake Victoria using ECOPATH, a multispecies trophic model. Assessment of the Nile perch fishery in Lake Victoria. Thirty years on: the development of the Nile perch fishery in Lake Victoria. Socio-economic impacts of introduced species in Lake Victoria fisheries. Part Two:- evaluation of species change in other African lakes with introduced fish species: Inshore fish population and species changes in Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. The impact of an introduction of sardine into Lake Kivu. The persistence of two introduced tilapia species in Lake Naivasha, Kenya, in the face of environmental variability and fishing pressure. Species change in reservoir fisheries following impoundment: the case of Lake Itezhi-tezhi, Zambia. Part Three:- evaluation of species changes in African lakes without introduced species: Changes in species composition and abundance of fish populations in Lake Turkana, Kenya. Management, conservation and species changes of exploited fish stocks in Lake Malawi. Changes in demersal cichlid communities as a result of trawling in southern Lake Malawi. Changes in species composition and abundance as a consequence of fishing in Lake Malombe, Malawi. Effects of exploitation on the pelagic fish community in the south of Lake Tanganyika. Changes in the pelagic fisheries of northern Lake Tanganyika during the 1980s. Part Four:- overviews of fish introductions in African Lakes: Genetic impacts of fish introductions: a perspective on African lakes. Fish introductions in the African Greak Lakes: some special characteristics. Thinking th unthinkable: a candidate model for predicting sustainable yields of introduced fish species in African lakes. Why is Limnothrissa miodon such a successful introduced species and is there anywhere else we should put it? Appendix: summary of characteristics of major African lakes. Author index. Species index. Subject index.
The African lakes are an extremely important ecosystem and the subject of much study relating to species introductions and loss of biodiversity. This book provides a thorough review of the whole subject and will be of great interest to fish biologists, fisheries workers, ecologists, environmental scientists and conservationists.

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