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James G. Ferry
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Since the general recognition of the Archaebacteria, research into the evolution, metabolism, molecular biology and ecological roles of these fastidious anaerobes has proceeded at an ever-increasing pace. All possess a very novel biochemistry and many exploit unique ecological niches. Methanogens, which convert one-and-two carbon compounds into the important atmospheric gas methane, are the largest group among the Archaebacteria. Of all microbial groups, methanogens provide perhaps the best opportunity to study evolution because of their phyologenetic diversity and unique biochemistry. Today, the analysis of methanogens is at a threshold. Molecular-biological studies of these microorganisms are revealing more and more processes unique to this group, and in turn, studies of methanogens are providing new perspectives to the broader fields of biochemistry and molecular biology. This volume is the first book to be published on methanogenesis, and it will provide the reader with a comprehensive view of the field and point to future trends.
Preface-- J. G. Ferry; Contributors; An historical overview of methanogenesis-- R. S. Wolfe; Part I: Microbiology: Diversity and taxonomy of methanogens -- D. R. Boone, W. B. Whitman, and P. Rouviere; Microscopy-- G. D. Sprott and T. H. Beveridge; Physiological ecology of methanogens-- S. H. Zinder; Part II: Biochemistry: Reactions and enzymes involved in methanogenesis from CO2 and H2-- R. K. Thauer, R. Hedderich, and R. Fischer; Conversion of methanol and methylamines to methane and carbon dioxide-- J. T. Keltjens and G. D. Vogels; Fermentation of acetate-- J. G. Ferry; Redox enzymes of methanogens: physiochemical properties of selected, purified oxidoreductases-- D. A. Grahame and T. C. Stadtman; Bioenergetics of methanogens-- V. Muller, M. Blaut and G. Gottschalk; Part III: Biosynthesis: Biosynthesis of the coenzymes in methanogens -- R. H. White and D. Zhou; Anabolic pathways in methanogens -- P. G. Simpson and W. B. Whitman; Nitrogen and phosphorus metabolism of methanogens-- E. DeMoll; Part IV: Genetics: Structure and organization of genes-- J. N. Reeve; Index.

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