Inverse Problems in Underwater Acoustics

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George Makrakis
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This volume provides recent and useful results for bottom recognition, inverse scattering in acoustic wave guides and ocean acoustic tomography, plus a discussion of some of the new algorithms, such as those related to matched-field processing, which have recently been used for inverting experimental data.
While it is easy to compute how sound scatters off a given object, the inverse problem of computing the shape of an object from the scattered sound is much more difficult. Only recently have the signals provided by ocean acoustic sensors become good enough to make such "tomography" possible in the ocean. The chapters in this book, each by a noted expert in the field, represent the state of the art; they have all been edited to provide a uniform format and level of presentation.
Preface by editors / 1. What we are inverting for? / 2. Freeze bath inversion for estimation of geoacoustic parameters / 3. Tomographic inversion on multiple receivers/arrays from multiple sources for the estimation of shallow water bottom parameters. 4. Non-linear optimization techniques in geoacoustic tomography. 5. Estimating the impulse response of the ocean: correlation vs. deconvolution. / 6. Regularized inversion for towed array shape estimation. / 7. Mode coupling effects in acoustic thermometry of the Arctic Ocean. / 8. On the characterization of objects in shallow water using rigorous inversion methods. / 9. Inverse boundary value problem for ocean acoustics using point sources. / 10. Multidimensional inverse problem for the acoustic equation in the ray statement. / Appendix--Ocean Acoustic tomography: Integral data and ocean models.

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