Digital Typography Using Latex

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Apostolos Syropoulos
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Using clear and concise language this book introduces new users to the use of the TeX system, in particular document preparation using LaTeX. It avoids the pitfalls of having to search through several advanced books on the subject, by collecting together the more frequently required tools and presenting these in a single accessible volume. It also describes the recent developments in multilingual typesetting using TeX that now make it straightforward for users to prepare documents in their own language and alphabet, giving the book a global readership. Topics include: multi-lingual uses of LaTeX; discussion of hardware implementations; use and misuse of particular LaTeX commands; and many others.
A broad-ranging "how-to" survey of document preparation using LaTeX program and related software packages. Unique integrated coverage of multi-language aspects and posting documents on the world wide web for distribution. All scientists, engineers, and technical professionals who use LaTeX will find the book a rich source of methods and tools.
* Introduction * The file structure * Fonts and their use * Lists and catalogs * Typesetting mathematics * More on the core * Miscellaneous packages * Bibliography and index * Graphics * Multilingual typesetting * To err is human * Installing new type
Appendixes: * Using dvips * Visual editing * Typesetting XML * Web publishing * Solutions to all exercises

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