Pulmonary Biology in Health and Disease

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Edward E. Bittar
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Pulmonary Biology in Health and Disease was conceived as a companion to a handful of expensive, multivolume textbooks. This is part of the promising trend to publish shorter textbooks on the subjects of lung biology and remodeling. Whoever is familiar with human biology and the far-reaching consequences of the genome and postgenome revolutions is apt to concede that the centerpiece in remodeling lies in the ?eld of m- ecular cardiobiology. The ?eld of molecular cardiobiology includes the syndrome of chronic heart failure as well as ischemic cardioprotection. By analogy, the centerpiece in pulmonobiology is chronic asthma. Key topics in the present volume include s- naling mechanisms regulating the endothelium and smooth muscle cells,in?ammatory cells, mediators, airway surface liquid, and pharmacological therapy that focuses on how in?amed airways are altered. Written primarily for predoctoral and postdoctoral graduates in the basic medical sciences, the medical student and postdoctoral physician, graduates in the allied s- ences, nurses, pulmonologists, and physicians in critical care medicine, this book p- vides many of the fundamentals of contemporary pulmonology. It is divided into several parts devoted to the control of respiration, arterial chemoreceptors,muscles of ventilation, pulmonary physiology, and gas exchange in health, exercise, and disease. Special emphasis is placed on emphysema and its pathobiology, acute lung injury, asthma and inhaled toxicants. Because the ?eld is always evolving, each chapter includes recommended readings that lead the reader to sources of additional information, such as the review on remodeling of the blood gas barrier by West and Mathieu-Costello.
This new book provides an accessible review of the field of lung biology and disease aimed at the student and biomedical researcher. The book starts by considering the anatomy, ultrastructure and physiology of the lung This is followed by discussion of the regulation of acid-base balance, high altitude physiology and pathophysiology as well as exercise. Chapters follow on the immunology of the lung, lung injury, asthma and emphysema, granulomatous lung disease. inhalation of toxic substances as well as diseases of the small airways. The final chapter considers current research into lung transplantation.
Preface. 1. The Anatomy and Ultrastructure of the Lung. N.-S. Wang. 2. Biology of Mammalian Air Epithelium. J.H.W. Widdicombe. 3. The Alveolar Surfactant System. J.L. Harwood. 4. Airway Smooth Muscle. N.L. Stephens. 5. Regulation of Airway Caliber. J.R. Sheller. 6. Receptors and Reflexes of the Respiratory Tract. G. Sant' Ambrogio. 7. The Control of Respiration. G. Haddad. 8. Arterial Chemoreceptors. C. Gonzales, L. Almaraz, A. Obeso, R. Rigual. 9. The Muscles of Ventilation. A. DeTroyer. 10. Respiratory Mechanics. Bernhard F. Muller. 11. The Physiology and Pathophysiology of Gas Exchange. B.J. Whipp. 12. The Pulmonary Circulation. E.K. Weir, M. Tristani-Firouzi, Stephen L. Archer. 13. Regulation of Lung Water: The Role of Bronchial Circulation. N.B. Charan, P. Carvalho. 14. Airway Wall Liquid in Health and Disease. D. Yager. 15. Correlations Between the Pulmonary Circulation and Gas Exchange in Health and Disease. B.E. Marshall, H.F. Frasch, Carol Marshall. 16. Respiratory Regulation of Acid-Base Balance in Health and Disease. E.E. Nattie. 17. Exercise and Breathing in Health and Disease. M. Younes. 18. High Altitude Physiology and Pathophysiology. J.T. Reeves. 19. Lung Immunology and Host Defense. K. Meyer. 20. The Biology of Acute Lung Injury. H. Kazemi, Barbara A. Cockrill. 21. Diseases of the Small Airways. J. Wright. 22. Asthma. P.J. Barnes. 23. The Pathobiology of Emphysema. G. Snider. 24. Granulomatous Lung Disease. D. Geraint James. 25. Inhaled Toxicants and their Effects on the Lung. Dean E. Schraufnagel, S. Goel. 26. The Pleura in Health and Disease. J.S.P. Jones. 27. Lung Transplantation. T.M. Egen, R.M. Aris. Index.

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