Surgical Oncology

An Algorithmic Approach
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Constantine V. Godellas
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This user-friendly definitive reference work presents the full spectrum of current cancer treatment options available to the practicing general surgeon or trainee. Through the pairing of 4-color algorithms and concise, clinically oriented text, the reader can quickly visualize and understand the decision-making process. Separate algorithmic branches highlight surgical treatment, adjuvant therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, as well as combined modality treatment. Over 90 chapters address organ systems from head to toe and tackle special topics, including oncologic emergencies and diagnostic and therapeutic challenges, and surgical adjuncts. More than 200 illustrations augment the textbook.
Focusing on the role of the surgeon in multimodality cancer care, the text pairs detailed, full-page algorithms with concise, clinically-oriented text so that the reader may visualize and navigate the decision-making process. 80 chapters, authored by a team of recognized experts, address organ systems from head-to-toe and tackle special topics such as pediatric cancer, oncologic emergencies, diagnostic and therapeutic challenges, and surgical adjuncts. An invaluable appendix of the most commonly used chemotherapeutics is also included. More than 200 illustrations augment the text. This title is a user-friendly reference for every general surgeon, surgical trainee, and surgical oncology specialist or fellow.
Section I: Head and Neck; Section II: Endocrine; Section III: Cancer of the Lung; Section IV: Breast Cancer; Section V: Cutaneous Malignancies; Section VI: Gastrointestinal Malignancies; Section VII: Sarcomas; Section VIII: Bone Cancers; Section IX: Genitourinary Cancers; Section X: Gynecologic Cancers; Section XI: Pediatric Tumors; Section XII: Hematologic Malginancies; Section XIII: Oncologic Emergencies; Section XIV: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges; Section XV: Surgical Adjuncts; Appendix-- Commonly Used Chemotherapeutic Agents.

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